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Hide and Seek Champion Bath Bomb

Hide and Seek Champion Bath Bomb

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Pamper yourself with our bath bombs!

Part of our Cryptid Collection: Bigfoot

Scent: This is a woodsy, earthy scent blended with herbs.

Directions: Add bath bomb to your bath to release the fabulous mix of oils and butters. Enjoy the aroma and colors while the bath bombs soften and soothe your skin creating an experience like no other!  Bombs may contain sprinkles or soap embeds.

Please note that turnaround time for bath bombs is approximately 7-10 days if not in stock.

Net weight approximately 5 oz.

Made with: baking soda, cornstarch, citric acid, polysorbate 80,  buttermilk powder, mica/lake powder or liquid soap dye, sunflower oil, distilled water, and fragrance.



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